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julien.gazeaux at latmos.ipsl.fr


Mathematics applied to geoscience
Probability and Statistics

PhD completed in Atmospheric Science, Feb 2011, interested in getting a postdoctoral position on a topic related to applying statistical time series analysis to geoscience.


Since 2011-12: University of Newcastle, School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. Research Associate. With Matt King (CeG, Newcastle) and Olivier Mestre (ENM, IMT). Homogenisation of GPS data - Improving the accuracy and precision of GPS/GNSS time series to enable further advances in our understanding of the solid earth, ice sheets and tropospheric water vapour.

2011-03 - 2011-11: CNRS/LATMOS. Research Associate. With Cathy Clerbaux (ULB, LATMOS). studying IASI satelite data, more precisely satellite data validation with ozone radiosondes and investigation on the ozone depletion event occured during March 2011 above Antarctica. Working in parallel on a new project of Clear Air Turbulence detection on airplane trajectories using lidar data.

2008-2011: PhD: "Probabilistic methods for the detection of hidden signals, applied to atmospheric issues.", Supervised by Bekki, Slimane (LATMOS) and Naveau, Philippe (LSCE). Oral presentation

2006-12 - 2007-09: CNRS/IPSL, Engineer Post. With Sophie Godin-Beeckman (LATMOS). Implementation of MIMOSA-CHIM (ozone loss over pole CTM) on EGEE/CNRS grid. Implementation using Fortran and Matlab. Shaping and mapping of the results and comparison with previous works and MLS satellite data.

2006-03 - 2006-10: AREVA T&D/R&D Service, Trainee Post. Blackouts study over electric network. Revealing of long memory phenomenon on line breaks (Hurst coeficient calculation, log-periodicity, and scale phenomenon) and modeling of chain dynamic of blackout using Matlab in order to evaluate risks. Diffusion and explanation of the work and the tools to work team.

Projects in scientific calculation, numeric analysis, probability:
Master Project: parallel computing of nuclear waste burying. (C++ and MPI). Signal analysis (wavelets), study of seismic waves. (Matlab)
Master Project: 3D Laplacien with P2-Lagrange resolution, graphic with openGL. (C++)


"First results from the Detection of Offsets in GPS Experiment (DOGEx)". Journal of Geophysical Research.
Gazeaux J., Simon Williams, Matt King, Machiel Bos, Rolf Dach, Manoj Deo, Angelyn W. Moore, Luca Ostini, Elizabeth Petrie, Marco Roggero and Felix Norman Teferle. 2013

"Intercomparison of polar ozone profiles by IASI/MetOp sounder with 2010 Concordiasi ozonesonde observations". Atmospheric Measurements and Techniques - AMTD
Gazeaux J., Cathy Clerbaux, Maya George, Juliette Hadji-Lazaro, Jayanarayanan Kuttippurath, Pierre-Francois Coheur, Daniel Hurtmans, Terry Deshler, Mahesh Kovilakam, Patrick Campbell, Vincent Guidard, Florence Rabier, and Jean-Noel Thépaut. 2013

"Detection of particles layers in backscatter profiles: application to Antarctic lidar measurements" - Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. doi:10.5194/acp-12-3205-2012
Gazeaux J., Bekki S. and Naveau P., Jumelet J., David C., Parades J. 2012.

"Extracting Common Pulse-Like Signals from Multiple Ice Core Time Series". Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. doi:10.1016/j.csda.2012.01.024.
Gazeaux J., Batista D., Ammann C., Naveau P., Jegat C. and Gao C. 2011.

"Inferring change-points and non-linear trends in multivariate Times series: Application to West African Monsoon onset timings estimation" Journal of Geophysical Research, 116, D05101, doi:10.1029/2010JD014723.
Gazeaux J., Flaounas E., Naveau P., Hannart A. 2010.

Submitted: :
- "The apparent British sea slope is caused by levelling errors". Geophys. J. Int. .
Penna,N.T., Featherstone, W.E., Gazeaux, J. and Bingham, R.J..

2009: "Report surveying available methodologies for integration."
Segers A., Gazeaux J., Bekki S. for GEOmon project


Teaching assistant to PhD students - Time series analysis with Naveau P.


2008-2011: PhD: "Probabilistic methods for the detection of hidden signals, applied to atmospheric issues.", Supervised by Bekki, Slimane (LATMOS) and Naveau, Philippe (LSCE). Oral presentation

2005-2006: MPE Mathematical Engineering Master. Paris VI. Pierre et Marie Curie Uni. (UPMC). (2.2)

Software & Programming skills:
- C, C++, Java, Fortran, Matlab, Scilab, Mysql, HTML, PHP, openGL, shell
- Statistic Softwares: R, SAS, Matlab
- Computing Tools: MPI (parallel computing), database (sql), data mining, glite (grid middleware)


Oral presentations - Posters :

2013: EGU: "A Bayesian approach to offsets detection in GPS coordinates time series." - Gazeaux J. et al. (Vienna, Austria).

2012: AMA: Link "Analyse préliminaire de la variabilité inter-annuelle de la Mousson Ouest Africaine entre 1989 et 2008 dans la simulation régionale WRF-CORDEX." - Bastin S., Revelard A., Flaounas E., Gazeaux J. (Atelier de Modélisation de l'Atmosphère), (France, Toulouse).

2011: MACC Conference on Monitoring and Forecasting Atmospheric Composition: Oral Presentation. "Near-real time monitoring of atmospheric composition with IASI/METOP " Clerbaux C., Coheur P.-F., George M., Clarisse L., Hurtmans D., Hadji-Lazaro J., Razavi A., Gazeaux J. (Utrecht : Pays-Bas).

2011: NDACC Symposium: Poster. "Intercomparison of polar ozone profiles by IASI/MetOp sounder with Concordiasi sonde observations. " - Gazeaux J. et al. (La Réunion Island).

2010: Oral presentation. "Can Statistics Help Finding Hidden Signals? " - Naveau P. et al. (France, Toulouse)

2009: SFdS: Oral presentation. "Detection of common change points in multivariate non stationnary case - Application to African Monsoon" - Gazeaux J., Naveau P. (France, Bordeaux)

2009: EGU: Oral presentation. " Extracting Common Pulse-Like Signals from Multiple Ice Core Time Series " - Gazeaux J. et al. (Austria, Vienna)

2008: CNA: Oral presentation. " Extracting Common Pulse-Like Signals from Multiple Ice Core Time Series " - Gazeaux J. et al. (France, Paris)

2008: GEOmon Workshop : Oral presentations. " Extracting Common Pulse-Like Signals from Multiple Ice Core Time Series" - Gazeaux J. et al, and "Report surveying available methodologies for integration " - Segers A., Gazeaux J., Bekki S. (Netherlands, Utrecht)

2008: ERCA Summer School : Oral presentation and poster. " Kalman Filter and Alpha-stable process " - Gazeaux J., (France, Grenoble)


- GEOmon (Global Earth Observation and Monitoring of the Atmosphere)
- ACQWA (Assessing Climate impacts on the Quantity and quality of WAter)
- GEMS (Global and regional Earth-system Monitoring using Satellite and in-situ data)
- EGEE (Enable Grid for E-SciencE)


R program
mep package to extract pulse like signal in multivariate time series and its short documentation
Thesis manuscript


Private Tutor: Mathematics - Physic/Chemistry.
Hiking: Vanoise glacier, GR20, Itinerant journeys in Mexico ...
Sport: Handball: pre-national Saint-Brice Team (Val d'Oise), creation of a handball club in Attainville (95).
Website about the author George Orwell

LATMOS, Laboratoire Atmosphres, Milieux, Observations Spatiales
LSCE, Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement
IPSL, Institut Pierre Simon Laplace
CNRS, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
UPMC, Univeristé Pierre et Marie Curie

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